Opportunity: St Annes Micro Commissions 2020


Arts Action Group St Annes (AAG) was formed in January 2020, through a Creative Community Mapping project initiated by Bristol based arts and community charity Bricks. The AAG has been formed through an open invitation process, and consists of 9 local residents. The aim of this project is to map out the great creative and community projects happening in St Annes and use that to draw up a community vision for what we want to see here and a plan of how to make that happen.

Bricks were invited into the St Anne’s community at a time when the future of a key local building, St Annes House, is being decided – with many local people hoping it will become a hub for creativity and community and a way of supporting some of the great stuff happening in the area. 

More on Bricks and Arts Action Group St Annes can be found here.


Artists/Creatives are invited to propose a micro-commission project to happen in St Annes based on the theme ‘Creativity in St Annes’.  This supports the community, through the AAG, to further test its ambition and to learn more about commissioning artists to work with them on projects about the area. It is part of a longer-term process of community engagement and creativity for this Bristol community. 

We are open to all creative projects (from heritage, digital, drawing, theatre, dance, music etc) as long as they are engaging and can bring people in St Annes together and respond to the broad theme of Creativity in St Annes.

We have identified some recurring areas of interest and we would like projects to tap in to at least one of these:

  • Young People
  • Green Spaces
  • The Future of St Annes House


  • Bring people together to connect in the local community.
  • Explore creativity in St Annes.
  • Encourage conversation about the future of St Annes. 


A creative outcome that engages communities in St Annes, Bristol as they explore what a return to community life looks adapting to new social distancing measures and new ways of ‘being together’.


We will make three commissions at £450 per commission.


  • This opportunity is open to all creatives/creative projects
  • No restriction on medium, practice, location or career position of artist.


  • Please email your proposal to the St Annes Arts Action Group at by 5pm on Monday 7th September 2020.
  • Tell us about your proposed project either through a written proposal of 200 words (max) OR a 1 minute video or audio clip (send us a streamable link to the video / audio file  (such as youtube or vimeo).
  • Include in that what the project is, why you want to do it and what the outcome will be. 
  • Let us know which of our themes (Young People, Creativity in St Annes, The Future of St Annes House, Green Spaces) your project relates to.
  • How you intend to share your artwork back to/ engage with the community of St Annes.
  • Up to 3 relevant images (jpegs not over 1 MB each)
  • Budget (How will you spend the micro commission budget?)
  • If you have a local connection let us know (this is not a requirement).


  • Opportunity announced:  Friday 14 August 2020
  • Deadline for submissions: Monday 7th September 2020
  • Projects notified of outcome (success/non success) : Monday 14th September 2020
  • Time for commissioned creatives to make their project happen: 14th September – 30th November 2020
  • Project to be finished and presented back to the community before 30th November 2020


Members of the Arts Action Group St Annes will read all applications and collectively select the projects they want to commission.


Successful projects will be supported through:
  • Commission fee paid in 2 x instalments on invoice linked to project progression points 1) detailed proposal and 2) completion and evaluation of project. 
  • Producer and Arts Action Group support.
  • Promotion as part of Creative Community Mapping St Annes project through Bricks website, social media channels, newsletter and press release.


  • To get in touch prior to application please email clearly setting out your enquiry. One of the Arts Action Group or Bricks team members will get back to you.
  • We have a live google doc which will be updated with any frequently asked questions here.


We thank Nisbet Trust and National Lottery without whose funding this project would not have happened.


Bricks is a charity (1183118) with the mission to support local communities, creative communities and social enterprise thrive in Bristol – both through programming collaborative activities and securing permanent spaces for those communities to embed in place and build sustainable futures.  We believe in the civic role of artists and that through collaboration we can have a strong collective voice in Bristol’s growth.