Áine Kelly : Adapting Materials + Practice Micro Commission – 4. Waste

I touched on reducing the need for consuming in my previous post about scraps. Following on from this I began to save materials that were destined for recycling and refuse which has really taken a toll on my studio space! 

I built up a lot of packaging materials this year. I did this test piece to see how well different packaging materials would hold up. I like how the colours of the materials are muted so there is more emphasis on the varying textures.

Test piece of woven packaging materials
Close up of woven packaging materials
Inflated packages to weave with

These cumbersome inflated packages dominated the corner of my studio for months and I finally decided to try weaving with them. There was no way to avoid releasing air once snipped but the layout of the plastic gave a lot of potential for different structures. Setting up the warp with the plastic threaded through was practically a days work in itself, even for such a relatively small tapestry. I decided to leave one side of the tapestry unwoven so as not to obstruct the view of the plastic piercing through the warp. However, I’m not sure how it will hold up off the loom. I think next time I will need to weave it on a loom to be presented with. I prefer that this weaving doesn’t necessarily look like it’s been made by a packing material as opposed to the previous weave. I would rather the weave look beautiful first and then on closer inspection that it may be a bit more clear as to what type of materials I’m using. I suppose in a way I want to trick people into seeing how beautiful these kinds of highly disposable and ordinary materials can be and to encourage viewers to look at these materials more creatively.

Work in progress of adding plastic packaging into the warp of the weave