Áine Kelly : Adapting Materials + Practice Micro Commission – 5. Structure as Loom

I’ve played around with replacing the loom with an object previously in my Natural Materials post. Continuing on from this I decided to make some structures to allow me to make a particular weave whilst also pushing the weave into a more sculptural piece. All the materials used to make the structures were leftover materials from previous artworks.

I started off making a cube out of balsa wood. There were lots of different ways I could have set up the warp on this and which areas to weave. I tried out setting up two u shaped warps on either end that interconnected by weaving together in the middle.

Sketches of cube loom
Cube loom weave

Then I tried making a deconstructed cube with wire but it didn’t really come out as I had imagined. I wanted it to show the joining of two different yarns coming together to form a weave. I added in coloured thread, pink along the black yarn and intended to add in another colour along the white but I don’t think it was working out so I left it unfinished.

Test piece of metal cube weaving

I also took a sheet of acetate and threaded it through to act as the warp. The tension remained surprisingly taut which enabled me to leave a circular gap in the weave without affecting it’s shape as it usually would do once off the loom. It has a lot of potential to make some interesting forms and the transparency allows for so many ways for the weaving to be viewed. So I will definitely continue to explore this method.

Test piece of acetate loom
Acetate loom with finished weaving
Acetate loom with finished weaving