Áine Kelly : Adapting Materials + Practice Micro Commission – 6. Finished Works

As many of the pieces I’ve been sharing over the past few months have been a work in progress, I thought it would be a nice way to end the blog with a collection of some finished pieces.

Here’s the rock weave that I first covered in the Natural Materials post. This piece took much longer than expected to finish. Fraying each individual strand that I pulled out from the weave was challenging and required a lot of patience! But I’m happy with the result and it was worth the time. I think I will definitely explore this idea further of making protective barriers for natural materials.

Finished rock weave
Finished rock weave

Here’s the plastic and linen weave I first showed in my Waste post. This is probably one of my favourite pieces I’ve made for the micro commission and will definitely try some larger scale versions of this down the line. It was satisfying to allow the plastic to influence the pattern and flow of the weave. I was worried once I took it off the loom it would lose it’s shape too much as one side of the warp is left bare but I’m happy with how it holds off the loom especially when laid down horizontally on a surface.

Finished plastice and linen weave
Finished plastic and linen weave
Finished plastic and linen weave off the loom
Close up of plastic and linen weave

Here’s a new weaving I made with acetate. It consists of linen and various threads of yellows, greys and whites. This was the most freeform style of weaving I’ve done yet and I really enjoyed it. I’m keen to try out a larger version of this with acetate again.

Lastly, I would like to thank Bricks Bristol once again for offering me this micro commission and giving me a platform to share my journey! You can see more of my work on or follow me on instagram.

Acetate weave with warp set up
Finished acetate weave
Close up of acetate weave