Between now and 2022 Bricks projects the following impact…

We will be an asset for the community.


Creative Community Links

Bricks will connect people in the community with creative projects that help generate a sense of place and connect us with stories from Bristol’s past, present and future.

Create Jobs

Bricks will create jobs, both supporting the viability of many creative and arts careers by providing the much needed infrastructure to do so but also directly creating jobs in the running of the organisation and subsidiaries enterprises such as the cafe.

Boost Local Economy

Bricks will help the local economy, as a catalyst for many people coming to the area to work everyday as well as the people that come to meet them and the audiences that come to see the public projects. There will be spillover spend by these people in the local economy both daytime and nighttime. We will start to shift the centre of gravity of the centre towards us and towards the rest of Trinity.

Partnership with Trinity

Bricks will work in synergy and partnership with Trinity Centre with a complimentary offer that created value for society that is greater than the sum of our parts.  

Community Partner

Bricks will aim to be a positive, long term partner in the local community

Bringing Artists to Bristol

Bricks will bring artists and audiences to the area, fostering new connections and promoting the area nationally and internationally.

Neighbourhood Plan

Old Market Neighbourhood Plan notes the need for ‘flexible workspaces’, ‘nursery provision’, ‘community spaces’ and a ‘market area’ all of which we could provide.