© Sarah Hughes:  One Dozen and Zero Units . Installation view at the South London Gallery, 2016. Photo: Andy Stagg.

© Sarah Hughes: One Dozen and Zero Units. Installation view at the South London Gallery, 2016. Photo: Andy Stagg.

Artist Residency Flat

We want to create two family sized flats that can be used by visiting artists and their families when visiting Bristol.

This will be a valuable asset we can use to import and export talent - bridging connections across the city, nation and world.

Its a space that we can use to bring fresh eyes and perspectives to the city and at the same time we can swap the space with artists and organisations nationally and internationally to export Bristol talent.

When not programming the space ourselves we will make it available to other community, arts and cultural organisations for their artists, further imbedding and spreading our work.  

During fallow times, the flat can use this to generate income via rental that will be put into further developing the programme.

Examples of where this artist flat model works well include South London Gallery’s Outset Artist’s Flat, Fire Station Dublin and Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan.

SHARE your thoughts

We want to hear what you think of these ideas to ensure we create something that is of use to the communities we look to serve.

The plans outlined here are just the first iteration based on conversations with local and artistic communities - but now we are widening this out and want to get as much feedback on the ideas as possible.

As part of our next stage of development we will be reaching out to consult further with local and artistic communities to discover the needs, collect data on current situation and start to co-design solutions.

Let us know what you think about the artist residency flat here, or see the Feedback page to give broader feedback and ideas on the plan.

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