Blog: Exhibition

  • Celebration at HIDEOUT/RETREAT

    Exhibition | 05.21.22

    Saturday 28 May, 5 – 7pm As Sam enters the final stages of his major project, you are invited to visit and celebrate the progress so far. The night will involve Silician Dishes by Backgarden Pizzeria, one of our bars and a chance to discuss the projects interest in clay, pilgrimage, meditation and…

  • HIDEOUT/RETREAT with Sam Hallett

    Exhibition | 04.05.22

    Project running 01 May - 01 June 2022. Elemental Artist Sam Hallett has arrived at St Anne's House with a new project, HIDEOUT/RETREAT.

  • Foosball Tournaments

    Events | 05.21.22

    Join us for the ultimate Foosball showdown as part of Super Duper St Anne's F.C. A new artwork and fictional football club by Jonathan Kelham.

  • Doughnut Hour! and Shoplift o’Clock!

    Exhibition | 09.03.22

    Artist Rachael Clerke hosted an initial workshop in The Project Space to test the room and make outfits for shoplifting. From walking out a shop with a ham or type-writer under your skirt, to transporting 15kg worth of objects onto a plane, the participants discussed alternative ways to sneak through security and had a hand at designing their own.