It is through championing creativity, catalysing collaboration, celebrating diversity and building strong relationships that Bricks aims to deliver on its mission.

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  • Public Art Producing

    Bricks is interested in both the creation of permanent and temporary artworks and creation of creative infrastructure.


We’re loving this initiative from @bricksbristol to support artists in Bristol – intertwining community and Art with weekly public talks, podcasts, mentoring and skill sharing! 👏
Have a listen at the first 5 podcast out! #BristolArts

#BricksArtist Fra Beecher will be hosting the second of her Life drawing workshops this Wednesday! You can find the link to book for this event via eventbrite here:

#BricksArtistProgramme #LifeDrawinG #LifeModel #LifeDrawingWorkshop #Photography

Went to an online @bricksbristol talk yesterday with Kim and Beth from @TakeAPart
‘Follow the energy’ and ‘allow for fuzzyness’ is still ringing in my ears! 2 parts of my practice that I have never felt 100% sure about – it’s now confirmed I will be a fuzzy carrot 🥕🧡

🎨Join us this Wednesday the 20th at 1pm for another one of our #BricksArtistTalks with Fra Beecher, a life model and photographer. As ever, our talks are free to attend, zoom link in bio!

#BricksArtists #SouthWestArt #ArtistTalk #BristolArts #LifeModel

Exciting new artist commission via our friends at #DICE @SocEntGlobal 👇

@realideasorg @plymouthart @camp_networking

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