It is through championing creativity, catalysing collaboration, celebrating diversity and building strong relationships that Bricks aims to deliver on its mission.

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  • Public Art Producing

    Bricks is interested in both the creation of permanent and temporary artworks and creation of creative infrastructure.


We love seeing @henryjgarrett ‘s humorously though provoking work in our social streams – great to see it is now a book! + our favourite type of book (an audio book).

#BricksArtistOfTheDay : Zahra Hoccom “I work with print, drawing & queer community projects; Q ART is a project for queer artists in the South West. ‘The Veil Series’ investigates death in art, philosophy & awareness of our finitude.” #QArt #photoetching

Great to see this community led energy project happening in St Annes!

#BricksArtistOfTheDay : Huma Mulji “The city, the everyday & the overlooked all serve as subjects in my deliberately awkward artworks. The works stand as unwieldy, inconvenient witnesses to time & place.” #sculpture #humamulji

#BricksArtistOfTheDay : @MatthewLintott “Recently I have been making prints from my late dad’s mountaineering photographs, using Jurassic-period fossilised squid ink; using it to reference the age of the mountains depicted.”

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Bricks has ambitious plans which will make a step change in Bristol’s arts ecology and community infrastructure.

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