It is through championing creativity, catalysing collaboration, celebrating diversity and building strong relationships that Bricks aims to deliver on its mission.

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  • Public Art Producing

    Bricks is interested in both the creation of permanent and temporary artworks and creation of creative infrastructure.

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#BricksPublicArt #ArtistOpportunity OPEN CALL
Commission for new public artwork at Trinity Academy, Lockleaze. Welcoming proposals from SW artists passionate about the arts/music/dance/theatre. Deadline 10am, 31.03.21 #ArtJobs
@CST_Trinity @BristolCouncil

#BricksPublicArt #ArtistOpportunities OPEN CALL
Commission opportunities for 5 new public artworks at Moxy St Paul’s. We are welcoming proposals from visual artists, writers and poets, esp locally based. Deadline 10am, 19.03.21

#PublicArt #ArtJobs


The government is making some ominous noises about which stories can or can’t be told (in real life – this is *not* the setup to some dystopian show).

We want to find out what we can do about it…

[Strobe Light Warning!]

Day Three of Becki Hiscocks #ArtistTakeover! Check out some Zoetropes she’s made for her commission. Check out our Instagram #BricksBristol #ArtistProgramme #Takeover

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