It is through championing creativity, catalysing collaboration, celebrating diversity and building strong relationships that Bricks aims to deliver on its mission.

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  • Public Art Producing

    Bricks is interested in both the creation of permanent and temporary artworks and creation of creative infrastructure.


BricksArtistOfTheDay: #HannahMurgatroyd – Painting and drawing on a large and small scale, Hannah works within what she calls ‘an island space of the imagination’, her figures and landscapes emerging out of both instinctual sensation and staged imagery.

BricksArtistTalks: Join @JemmaGunning88 Wednesday 2/12/20 @ 1pm for a lunch time talk.

Jemma will discuss current projects including documenting our fading heritage, a collaboration with @wwf_uk and setting up #BristolPrintAtelier


#BricksArtistOfTheDay : Joe Warrior-Walker “My work explores an abstract translation of urban and rural environments. Focusing on movement and journey through physical and mental space.”

#Artist #Painting #Cornwall #India #Movement #Journey

Well done @TimTipper & @KerryMP – Great news for St Annes.

#BricksArtistOfTheDay : @BoLanyon works across painting & sculpture, exploring an entangled landscape of experience: loss, connection, conflict, hope. His recent podcast explores how artists working now have responded to the St. Ives school legacy.

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