Our plan to make Bricks a reality.

Where are we now?

Of course the key question is ‘how are we going to make this happen?’

We don’t have the money secured and we don’t have an option on the building.

What we do have is a strong plan and some great people and partners on board. But we need your support to make it happen.


The building is for sale, and we have submitted a tender proposal to the police on 26 April 2019 as part of an open public tender. This tender set out our vision for how the space can be used and how we plan to raise the funds to buy the building over the next year.

Our capital purchase and development plan is based on a mortgage, trust and foundation grants and crowdfunding.

We have a business plan worked up for capital and revenue stages and on the back of that have a leading ethical bank keen to lend to us. We are told we have a strong and resilient business plan.

We have also started to build relationships with grant funders and philanthropists for support with our deposit and fit out costs, once we know more about the tender bid proposal we can go back to those funders (and more) to secure their support.


We have a great set of partnerships in the making including with many well established social enterprises that are looking for a permanent home, supporting both their own and our long term resilience.

Bricks model has the majority of its income from tenants and earned income means, we are not looking to be dependent on long term grant funding.


How we got to this point…

In 2017 Jack received a small grant for arts from Arts Council England to look at how learning and networks from Antlers Gallery could be reformed in to a new non profit model to support artists in Bristol. This was additionally supported by skills, training and advice from Cause4’s Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Fellowship, Clore Short Course and Creative United’s Prosper Programme.

Through this process we have researched models of best practice and consulted with artists and community groups to work out what is needed in Bristol. Initially these plans were not rooted to any particular area of Bristol and we started from an artist centric point of view. However now that we are growing the plans specifically for that site consultation with local communities is paramount.

Since starting the grow the model in the context of Trinity and the police station site we have opened up many conversations with community groups, neighbourhood partnerships, local arts and community leaders, residents, traders and more as the very start of a on going consultation around what Bricks could be.

This work has been concurrent with Bristol Visual Arts Review - a piece of consultation that Arts Council England did to identify needs in Bristol’s visual arts ecology and potential solutions for them. DIY Art Groups Cultural Spaces Workgroup has also provided a frameworks for collective discussion on this matter.


Since 2018 Jack has been recruiting and working with an engaged group of trustee board members, bringing together a great skill set and experience to shape what Bricks has become.

Together we have developed a bid for Trinity Road Police Station - which Avon and Somerset Police are now evaluating, along side the other tender proposals.

Whats Next?

We are waiting to hear the police’s response to our propose development.

You can help this in a few different ways:

  1. By filling out the Feedback Form and letting us know what you think. Would Bricks be something that you would want to see happen? Do you want to join a steering group? Have a studio? Would your group use the space or pitch an exhibition?

  2. Offering your time or skills - if you’d like to be involved, then get in touch

  3. Donating to the cause. We’re raising funds to help us buy the building, and will need support from direct donations, as well as funding we will be pursuing.