Max Naylor Fountain


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Unframed, archival ink on cotton paper,



Park, water fountain, suburbia

The artist

Max Naylor

As an image maker Max's practice consists of two related activities: firstly the gathering of information; exploring the landscape, foraging for experiences, ideas and visual memories; the ongoing hunt for that elusive glimpse of magic.

Secondly returning this haul to the studio; adding to a witch’s brew of materials and techniques that finally coalesce as an image on a surface.

Through this evolving process he continues to develop a diverse yet cohesive body of work.

Max grew up in Cornwall, he studied at Falmouth College of Art, Brighton University and the Royal Drawing School London. He has completed several international residencies including time spent in India and Los Angeles. In 2017 he was awarded the Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary Award and in 2016 was the winner of the Jackson’s Open Art Prize. Max is currently a tutor at the Royal Drawing School in London and he lives and works in Bristol.