Jo Lathwood Lath Shaped


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Print on Xpressions Matt 300gsm paper. Unframed.

29.7cm x 42cm (A3)

Edition of 10.

Lath-shaped’ is a petrographic image of homemade rock documented through a microscope. The sample shows small crystals forming which is the quintessential definition of when glass becomes stone. It was created by melting and reforming basalt rock by running it through a bespoke furnace which can make lava. This work was made as part of ‘Curious Formations’ at Biddulph Grange, Stoke on Trent (commissioned by Trust New Art) and associated with ‘is it magma?’ which researches the possibility of using lava as a sculptural material.



The artist

Jo Lathwood

Jo Lathwood

Jo Lathwood makes sculptures and large scale installations which regularly respond to a particular site, event, material or process. Working with recycled timber she has built a meandering staircase that travelled across 3 stories to facilitate the audience to touch the roof of a church. Experimenting with foundry technologies she has developed a way of making homemade lava sculptures and though researching traditional techniques she has made inks from Oak Galls.

Her portfolio varies greatly in form, scale, context and method of production, encompassing: temporary and permanent public art, exhibitions curated for galleries and heritage sites (often as the outcome of an artist residency) and studio-based work. Lathwood lives and works in Bristol. Her studio is based at Spike Island Artspace.