Lisa Cole Tall Rocket Pot – a record of September 2020


One of a kind, totally unique stoneware pot decorated by birds and the wind in my tiny Bristol garden. The pot was hand thrown from white stoneware clay and colours were chosen to represent the temperature at the time of decoration. Blues are cooler, yellow warm and oranges and red the warmest. The shape comes from the audiobooks I was listening to at the time of throwing. I have a love of 50’s and 60’s sci fi and I was working my way through Dimension X (Adventures in time and space told in future tense). I have a series of lines, levers and sails in my garden that are connected to trees and bird feeders. If a bird lands or the wind blows this moves a found feather that is suspended over the pots. It is only through chance that the feather lands in the coloured glazes and oxides and it takes more luck for that to get transferred to the pots.Each line and shape is a direct record of the movement of nature in a moment.


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12 x 12 x 12cm

Stoneware clay and lead free glaze

The artist

Lisa Cole

Lisa Cole's research and practice revolves around making intangible things into solid objects. She captures the movement of nature in line and translates this into ceramic forms. Sound played through a drawing machine converts to 3 dimensional shapes so that songs or secrets can be held in the hand.

As a multi skilled designer and maker Lisa often prefers to work in collaboration with other artists and agencies. Recent collabs include a dementia engagement ArtBox with Bristol City Museums, a campaign to reduce litter on a major Bristol street and workshops for IKEA based around sustainability. Lockdown collaborations with poets resulted in Poetry Pots;  functional vessels that are made from the shapes of sound.

Lisa is currently running a commercial art gallery from a cardboard box and developing drawing machines to record moments in time as layers in form.