Tim Lane The Mask-Maker


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Gilcee print on Innova Paper.

67 x 38 cm

Edition of 50.

A print of an original artwork introducing the lead character in the artist book Silent Quarter -who is both a barber and a mask- maker- an enigmatic and transformational figure. The image is suggestive of the many ‘masks’ we wear, try on or are forced to wear throughout our lives.


The artist

Tim Lane

Tim Lane favours an unplanned, automatic drawing method that inspires highly charged symbolic imagery. His work plays with the narrative openness of myth: exploring the world in an often dark and imaginative way. Lane’s drawings are in a mix of media, gestural in style and explore a highly personal set of natural symbols, prompting self-reflection in the well of human experience. His work gives form to the complex emotions stirred by recent events, fatherhood, mortality and the sublime.