Curio is a project curated by artist Ben Hartley, resident in St Anne’s House studio.

Curio is a project space in a repurposed museum vitrine, located in the reception area of St Anne’s House.

Curio hosts rolling monthly exhibitions by studio residents and artists in the Bricks network. Providing a space for artists to experiment and display work in new ways, reimagine the stuffy institutional associations of the vitrine and encourage curiosity from users of the building. 

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Currently on show: “Dudley Plunket’s Trophy Cabinet” by Tim Ryan (@the_thrill_of_zilch). Curio is pleased to show two of Tim Ryan’s sculptures, taken from a larger project titled ‘The Thrill of Zilch’ which focuses on fictitious creatures that inhabit the edgelands and neglected areas of our towns and cities. Throughout the project, Zilch lore is presented through artefacts pertaining to the act of hunting for Zilch and the culture that surrounds it, in this case, two of Zilch hunter Dudley Plunket‘s taxidermy attempts.


“Interoception #1” by Sam Lucas (@sam___lucas) till 21st November. A collection of explorations in what the artist calls “embodied clay”; no tools were used to create forms, just the body, predominately hands and in a quiet and reflective space


“Mantle Pieces” by Esther Hesketh (@byeshesketh) 15 September – 21st October. A collection of pewter casts made by the artist over the course of her graduate residency at Spike Island