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Look & Learn

Community Photography Workshops in St Anne’s, a project by Josh Adam Jones & Alesha Hickmans supported by UWE Bristol and Bricks in Summer 2021. This free programme is open to anyone 14+ living in St. Anne’s and surrounding areas.

Register of interest via Google Forms (inline further down the page).

Deadline: 26th May 2021 23.59 GMT

Look & Learn is a free short series of lens-based workshops facilitated by UWE Bristol Photography students and Bricks, exploring the area of St. Anne’s with local residents. The sessions across two weekends will centre around themes of community, place-making and mental wellbeing, encouraging you to explore your local surroundings in a new and exciting way. 

10 student volunteers will assist with teaching a basic introduction to photography whilst being on hand to enrich each workshop activity. The main focus of Look & Learn is to encourage exploration of place and promote positive mental wellbeing through the act of photography. 

The level of equipment you have access to is less important, and image making via any medium (phone camera is suitable) is encouraged. Subject to availability, some photography equipment will be available to borrow.

Activities will include an introduction to photography, photowalks with set themes, camera-less image making (cyanotype) and zine production. 

We welcome input and feedback from both student volunteers and community members on shaping the workshop activities.

Workshops will take place in line with government guidelines and restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

Activity schedule:

Saturday 19th June 2021, 11.00 – 16.00

AM: Meet at St. Anne’s House. Introduction to photography (composition, framing, perspective) followed by a guided photowalk in St. Anne’s Woods exploring themes of nature, history and place.

PM: Camera-less image making workshop using cyanotype process, led by local artist Laura Foster.

Saturday 26th June 2021, 11.00 – 16.00

AM: Meet at St. Anne’s House. Informal group discussion of work produced from the previous session.

PM: Collective zine making workshop using materials from previous activities, led by local book-maker Lee Elkins. The publication will be replicated and distributed, containing artwork and contributions from community members.

Date TBC

Pop-up exhibition of community members’ work and social event at St. Anne’s House.

This project was developed by Josh Adam Jones, Alesha Hickmans and Jack Gibbon, and is gratefully supported by UWE Bristol Community Fund and Quartet Community Foundation. Follow _lookandlearn on Instagram to stay up to date with the project.

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  • Josh Adam Jones

    Josh Adam Jones is British artist and photographer whose work often centres around stories of misrepresented places and the people who live there. From ageing Irish populations in British towns and cities to the expatriate communities of Oman, Josh hopes to facilitate conversations about identity, home and interculturalism through his work. In his most recent ongoing series (Sometimes A Silence Will Cut Through Sounds), Josh explores the therapeutic applications of photography in response to his Grandfather passing away and a family history of mental health problems.