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Close up of a map from a St Annes House community event

St Annes

Creative Community Mapping

Creative Community Mapping – St Annes is the initial six–month phase of a project to map and celebrate St Annes. Bricks have commissioned local resident and social practice artist Jo Bushell to work with the St Anne’s community to identify activities, groups and a building which they would like to see reach full, creative potential for use by the community.

With the support of the artist; any local residents who would like to have their say will be given the opportunity to take part in a series of fun, engaging and welcoming events where, together, they will re-imagine their community space. By looking at examples of other inspiring plans of community spaces, which have already been brought into reality; the group will create their own creative community plan – a new narrative for the people of St Annes based on what is already valued and loved but also what could be initiated.

To reach as broad a catchment of the community as possible, we are connecting in many different ways, including through creative micro-commissions, sessions within other events/groups, informal outreach, through social media sites and accessible workshops so that the community plan created brings into being a space for all the community; where people feel connected, creative and valued. 

Through open invitation, an Arts Action Group of 9 local community members has been formed to lead the project. St Annes Arts Action Group are: writing creative briefs for a series of micro-commissions, exploring formats to learn from other projects and shaping how this can be shared back through a community event.

This initial ‘mapping’ phase of the project is funded by National Lottery Awards for All England and Nisbet Trust and was intended to conclude at the end of May 2020. 

Due to Covid19 the project was suspended spring 2020, and is being re awoken August 2020.


Bricks invitation to work in St Annes came in 2019 through St Mungos and Artspace Lifespace as the top two floors of St Annes House were earmarked for community use (as part of St Mungos planning condition for shelter on the ground floor), and Bricks came in to understand what the community wanted to see in a creative community space and facilitate the use. Unfortunately we never managed to get a contract from St Mungos so focused our efforts on the Creative Community Mapping, then due to Covid 19 St Mungos have now vacated the building, leaving it completely empty.

We recently hosted a community co-design event in St Annes Park to collaboratively create a proposal to take to Bristol City Council for community use of St Annes House for five years 2020 – 2025 to support the community with covid safe socially distance-able space for community activities and workspace.

To get involved, fill in the form and share your thoughts and ideas. Additionally, join the mailing list for future updates and opportunities.


We recently ran an open call for creative projects to engage communities in St Annes, the Arts Action Group are currently reviewing the submissions and will be announcing which projects are supported soon.

Community Survey

Let us know what you want

We want to hear from you on what you want at St Annes House, what you would make use of, and hear from people that want to run projects in the building, to inform a proposal to Bristol City Council.

If you are local to St Annes 

If you run a project/ activity that could use St Annes House


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  • Jo Bushell

    Artist/ Producer, St Annes (Freelance)