• Shared Reading Group

    Events | 08.06.22

    Wednesday mornings, 10.30am – 12pm Try shared reading in Bristol with us! These sessions hosted by The Reader are a chance for people to come together in St Anne’s, to read and listen to stories and poems together. There’s no pressure to read aloud, you can simply…

  • EBC day school presents: Stuff Done

    Events | 07.06.22

    An exhibition showcasing the years work from the artists. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 16 – 25 June, 12 – 5pm, St Anne’s House. The first year of East Bristol Contemporary’s alternative art education programme Day School is drawing to a close, and the class of 2022 invite you to…

  • Morning Meet-up Tea Party!

    Events | 06.28.22

    16 June 2022, 10am – 1pm We hosted a morning of food and conversation to look back over 70 years, share memories and meet new people. It’s was a chance to have a go at printing your own commemorative tea towel and find out about our weekly morning meet ups. …

  • Celebration at HIDEOUT/RETREAT

    Exhibition | 06.28.22

    ** Postponed until future notice** Saturday 28 May, 5 – 7pm As Sam enters the final stages of his major project, you are invited to visit and celebrate the progress so far. The night will involve Silician Dishes by Backgarden Pizzeria, one of our bars and a chance to discuss the projects interest…

  • St Anne’s House Tenants

    St Anne's House | 06.28.22

    Meet St Anne’s House current tenants! From artists to therapists, the building is home to a variety of local individuals and businesses. Tenants Studios 1 Tim Ryan Artist, Studio 01…

  • What are St Anne’s House tenants up to?

    News | 06.28.22

    Find events, exhibitions, talks, and updates from the different tenants here at St Anne’s House. Each event has been put forward by the artists, individuals or collectives for a round-up of things you can get involved in. May-June 2022 Hypermaterial by Ben Hartley Exhibition…

  • HIDEOUT/RETREAT with Sam Hallett

    Exhibition | 04.05.22

    Project running 01 May - 01 June 2022. Elemental Artist Sam Hallett has arrived at St Anne's House with a new project, HIDEOUT/RETREAT.

  • Miracle on 42nd Street

    Events | 03.05.22

    Part of the Mayfest programme this year, we are excited to share that an out-side film screening will be happening at St Anne's House. Thursday 19 May, 7.30pm doors, 9pm screening.

  • Creativity for Well-Being

    Workshops | 06.28.22

    Free 10 week art course. The sessions will allow you to play around with various art techniques in a relaxed environment to learn and explore with guidance your creative process.