Photo © OpenSpace Bristol

Photo © OpenSpace Bristol

Workshop/Meeting Rooms

There is need in our area for meeting, workshop and event spaces.

We are looking to great a flexible set of spaces, that fill that gap.

These rooms would be available to be booked by our residents. local groups and wider public.

SHARE your thoughts

We want to hear what you think of these ideas to ensure we create something that is of use to the communities we look to serve.

The plans outlined here are just the first iteration based on conversations with local and artistic communities - but now we are widening this out and want to get as much feedback on the ideas as possible.

As part of our next stage of development we will be reaching out to consult further with local and artistic communities to discover the needs, collect data on current situation and start to co-design solutions.

Let us know what you think about the workshop/ meeting room here, or see the Feedback page to give broader feedback and ideas on the plan.

Do you run a regular event/ meeting which is looking for a regular space? Do you want a space you can use on ad-hoc basis?
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