• Becki Hiscocks: Micro Commission, introductory post

    Commissions | 12.12.20

    Skeleton sketches in non-traditional anatomical poses. My proposal for the Bricks Micro commission is all about developing visual ideas of anatomy in motion via sequential drawings and animation. I want to think about how to step away from traditional static poses used to represent the body within medical art and…

  • Beth Luxton: Painting meets Animation Micro Commission – Introduction

    Commissions | 11.30.20

    I’m delighted to be working on a micro commission for Bricks over the next couple of months, centred around combining painting and animation, using projection.  I consider myself primarily a painter, although most of my work has involved painting and screen-printing to date. I’m drawn to transitory, familiar materials that are…

  • Talks

    Events | 09.11.20

    Bricks Artist Talks are programmed every Wednesday, 13.00-14.00. Join us each week on Zoom – no booking required. Talks will be recorded for future broadcast. Contact us on 07709 264 201 if you have trouble accessing Zoom. In this talk Jemma will talk about her current…

  • Áine Kelly : Adapting Materials + Practice Micro Commission – 4. Waste

    Commissions | 12.31.20

    I touched on reducing the need for consuming in my previous post about scraps. Following on from this I began to save materials that were destined for recycling and refuse which has really taken a toll on my studio space!  I built up a lot of packaging materials this…

  • Episode 5 – Cliff Andrade – Bristoler Chronik

    Podcasts | 12.28.20

    The Bricks Podcast follow Bristol’s contemporary artists, on journeys within the city walls and beyond, along the ley lines of the South West, up the A roads north, and through their unique observations on the world. In this episode, inspired by Proust’s idea that true recollection can only occur…

  • Episode 4 – Ben Hartley – Ruderal – Verbatim Podcast Transcription

    Podcasts | 12.09.20

    Ben Hartley [00:00:10] I’m currently standing in the wasteland space outside the formerly vacant industrial building on the street named ‘Little Paradise’ just behind East Street, in which my studio sits. A ‘meanwhile’ space earmarked for development, which is rented out to us artists before demolition. It is a square…

  • Episode 4 – Ben Hartley – Ruderal

    Podcasts | 12.09.20

    Vase No.1 by Ben Hartley. Waste plastics, electrical wire, dried palm fronds, 2020 In Episode 4, artist Ben Hartley explores the parallels between Ruderal plant species with the processes of gentrification & urban renewal. Focusing on a specific area of wasteland adjacent to Ben’s…